Heather Curtis | BareTalk
Heather Curtis is a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator with an eye for pattern and colour. Coming from a background of classic graphic design, her work spans from branding and editorial design to art direction and styling.
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Project: Branding/Logo and social media avatar for BareTalk: Unfiltered and uncensored pop-culture entertainment for social media platforms. Its focus is on celebrity interviews, lifestyle segments, fun and quirky panel discussions, host interactions/banter.


Design Objectives: Develop an identity that is light-hearted, humorous, quick-witted, informative and relatable. Logo should incorporate a bear, without having it be the main focus, and be lively and bright. It could also include media-related items and/or a speech bubble.


Design Results: After some collaboration with the client and a few revisions the final results were well received. The scripted typeface AeroKids was chosen for its soft edges and playful curves invoking the spirit of fun and informality. It was crucial for a bear to be incorporated into the logo somehow. After a few iterations and a few different bear illustrations, the bear was merged symbiotically with the speech bubble creating the perfect avatar.  The clever use of the homonym ‘bear’ and ‘bare’ are represented here and adding in the talk bubble subtly reinforced themes of communication and dialog.  



Branding & Identity, Art Direction, Layout/Design


Adobe CC Illustrator, Microsoft Powerpoint


Branding, Design